Colombian airline could start operating new route to Los Cabos from Medellín

Colombian airline could start operating new commercial route to Los Cabos from Medellín

Low-cost airline from Colombia wants to fly to Los Cabos, informed its Commercial Director.

Colombian low-cost airline, which obtained approval for 65 new routes, could begin operating in the famous tourist destination of Los Cabos; it is Viva Air, which would begin new connections with Mexico in March 2022.

The Commercial Director of Grupo Viva, Juan Diego Zapata, informed that several cities in the country are under radar, such as Guadalajara, Merida, Acapulco and, of course, Los Cabos, which would be connected, mainly, with Medellin.

“The routes between Colombia and Mexico are the ones that are growing the fastest, the ones that have seen the greatest increase in passengers, and that has to do with the fact that they are two countries that have no restrictions on flying, and that helps,” said Viva Air’s president and CEO, Felix Antelo.

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